Friday, September 10, 2010

2 year old music man

Elijah is completely into music, as many of you know, but I continue to be amazed at how intrinsically he understands it! He loves anything musical, but lately he has gotten specifically into beats. He asks daddy (and mommy unfortunately) continually to beat-box, always wants to hear the songs with "bass" that his daddy taught him about, and he will sneak into the music room turn on a song on the keyboard and sit down and play the drums to it as often as he can! I tried to catch him on video without him knowing it and I feel like this video doesn't show just how amazing he really is at the drums, but at least you get the idea. Sometimes he is playing so well I can't even tell what is the music in the background and what is him! Is this normal for a 2 year old or do I just have a genius baby? :) (I have mommy bragging rights here!)

Another thing that amazes me regarding Elijah's musical awareness is how he refers to certain songs. His current favorite is the Clark Gable song by the Postal Service. (Hense, the above video...) He always asks me to play the "up and down song". I think that is crazy clever because the music notes do go up and down in the beginning of the song, but I don't know HOW he knows that high notes are "up" and low notes are "down". It's not like he is reading musical notes in his spare time! He just seems to know that higher pitch vs. lower pitch is similar to the understanding of what high and low mean! I'm so impressed! This is the kind of stuff that makes it so fun just to watch your kid grow and blossom! They continue to amaze us!

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