Monday, September 27, 2010

Moody Cotton Festival and a few more things...

Elijah pushing Joaquin around on the tricycle in MiMi's driveway. He is such a good big brother, always helping Joaquin and teaching him how to do things.

Daddy and the boys at the Moody Cotton Festival

and, Joaquin is ready for his close up, please...

My attempt at getting the boys to take a picture with me in front of the bounce playground

MiMi and the boys playing the musical instrument at the zoo playground

Elijah and Joaquin at the Waco zoo sitting on the giant snake at the kids play area

Elijah saying "cheese" for the camera. He knows the camera means he should say "cheese" but for some reason when he says cheese it doesn't really look like he is smiling; it looks like he is talking! (Since of course, he is!) Whoever made up that "say cheese" thing was an idiot! It doesn't work at all unless you tell them "say cheese and FREEZE like that!"

playing with MiMi's hat

This is what happens when Ian tries to put the boys in the tub at night. They all play around on mommy and daddy's bed until the tub is full of water. The boys think it is hilarious to run around with their T-shirts on their heads when they are taking their clothes off for the bath!

And of course, every little boy loves to tackle and wrestle with daddy.

Reading daddy's book together on a Saturday morning.

I love my little nudie booties swimmin' around in the tub!

Joaquin is not camera shy :)
Elijah LOVES to wear his big boy underwear; however, he does NOT like to use the potty. So, mommy has resorted to setting the microwave timer for 30 min. and every 30 min. we go sit on the potty. Of course, as soon as Elijah puts on his big boy underwear, Joaquin wants to join in. So, he gets to wear the big boy underwear over his diaper during the day time when Elijah is potty-training and wearing his own big boy drawers. :)

This is the boys favorite Waco zoo activity...playing in the water! We have season passes so some days we just go in our swimsuits and water socks to play in the fountains. This time MiMi joined in on the action. Joaquin loves to slap the water around with his hands, while Elijah loves to stop out the fountains.

Every year after the cotton harvest, my parents little town of Moody, TX, has a Cotton Festival. There is a parade in the morning and lots of booths and play areas set up in the downtown all day. The kids dance around to the live music, ride pony's, bounce in the bounce houses, smack each other over the head with confetti eggs and the like while the parents buy small town cookbooks, welded art pieces, homemade candles and such. It is always such a fun day. Mom runs the pie contest and auction every year and dad helps set up the parade and booths. This was the first year, though, that the boys really got to enjoy the parade and festivities! They had a blast!


  1. What cute boys! Love underoos!

  2. ooooh!!! how cute!!! i miss you and am sad we couldn't meet up the weekend you were so close!! :( your boys are oh so handsome rach - all of them, ian included. :) wow.

  3. I LOVE the underoos! Aww, your boys are awesome!