Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Children's Museum

Since the kids and I have been dog sick for the past decade, Mom decided it was time we got out of the house and started at least acting healthy. So, we recently gathered the kiddos together and headed out for a day at the Waco Children's Museum. Noah, Adam and Chandra's little boy that is only a month younger than Elijah, decided to join us for the day and we had a blast.

It took us forever to get the car all packed up, the car seats switched into one car, all the diaper bags prepared, and make sure we had every one's blankie and favorite toy handy. Here is a picture of all three of the boys in mom's backseat. (Although, poor Joaquin still has to face backwards.)

The children's museum is amazing. This area was an entire little miniature city. Here was the little house where Noah, MiMi and Elijah were pretending to make dinner. Joaquin was trying to sneak in the window. :)

Here is Noah and Elijah in the little city. Noah was playing the police officer while Elijah was going shopping at the mini grocery store.

This room had all the vehicles in it. Elijah loved playing fireman!

MiMi and Joaquin jumped on the school bus.

Joaquin was having a blast!

Elijah took Noah on a ride in his fancy, convertible race car.

For lunch, mom had packed a wonderful picnic for us all. We went out on the lawn, spread out our blanket, and had a great lunch. It was a beautiful day outside so that helped too!

Elijah and Noah loved playing on the old-town village fence that was next to our picnic area.

After lunch it was on to the second story of the museum. Elijah loved the Native American drums and tepee. (They even had an entire section that talked about the Cherokee Indians, which is the tribe that our decedents were in!)

The last room (the kids were seriously needing nap time by this point) was the music room. Elijah was right at home in this sound booth. He and Noah made up their own musical masterpieces for a long time.

When we arrived home at MiMi and Papaw's house, Joaquin was still on cloud nine! He needed sleep the most, but was of course the most hyper of the bunch. He loved spending some extra time with Uncle Bubba!

It was a wonderful day, overall, although I think everyone was pretty exhausted and spent when it ended. Thanks MiMi for such a fun treat!

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  1. rach, i'm sad you didn't call me when you were that close! i could have gone with yall for free!! i want to see yall soon, i visited columbus avenue today and ran into sally crosby, she's so sweet! -emily