Friday, March 19, 2010


So, no picture or video to go with this story, but I have to tell it nonetheless just because it was so cute.

Yesterday when I was nursing Joaquin he kicked over a cup of tea I had on my nightstand. I should have known better than to put it there, but I had forgotten how big Joaquin is. Pretty much his entire bottom half falls off the nursing pillow now. So, he swung his legs around and caught my green tea just enough to pour it all over the books on my nightstand. Then I realized it was trickling down the back onto my phone recharger cord, lamp cord, and the monitor cord...yikes! So, I freaked out and stopped in mid feed and had to put Joaquin and Elijah in the pack and play for a minute while I ran around trying to clean up the mess.

As I was rushing to put them into the play pin I said, "Sorry Joaquin, Mommy will burp you after I clean all this up." A few moments later Joaquin was standing up against the edge of the play pin and Elijah started pounding on his back. I didn't know what was going on when I heard that sound, so I turned around to see Elijah burping Joaquin! It was so hilarious! I said, "Wow, Elijah, I didn't know you knew how to burp your bubba." Just then, Joaquin let out a huge burp and I died laughing! It was the funniest thing ever and Elijah was elated to get a burp out of Joaquin from all his back pounding efforts.

Of course after I had completely cleaned up all the spilt tea and moved the boys into the living room to play, Elijah was still chasing Joaquin around trying to smack him on the back to get another burp. It got a bit out of hand and I had to eventually put a stop to it, but that one incident of Elijah burping Joaquin will be etched in my memory forever!