Monday, January 25, 2010

My new hobby

So, Ian promised me that this post wouldn't be cheesy, but I am little insecure about posting these videos he took. I've kinda gotten into a new hobby of playing the drums these past 2 weeks and it has been sooooooo much fun! I'm not much of a musical instrument person (I was first chair in flute the first week of band class in 6th grade--which means I learned how to hold my fingers over the keys the best--then moved down a chair during every Friday chair test after that until my friends and I permanently held the last few chairs the rest of the year), so I never really picked up any of Ian's musical toys around the house.

However, since Elijah loves to "jam" in Ian's music room with just about any of the instruments, we started having some family jam time and I thought it would be fun to play the drums. It has been totally addicting and I am loving it! Ian is super encouraging and promises me that I don't sound or look as stupid as I feel sometimes!

I've always thought chick drummers were freaking cool, but I never really considered how much time and practice must go into getting to be that good, and man, I am more in awe of them now than I ever was before since I know how difficult it is to keep two different beats between your feet and your hands! Props to all those drummers out there! It is one tough, but oh so fun instrument!

Anyway, here are two videos Ian took this weekend of our family jam time. (Please keep in mind I have only been playing for a few weeks now and be nice.)


  1. Haha that's awesome! Elijah looks to intensely focused on the music. And I'm sure Joaquin is only complaining because he can't join in. You're getting good at the drums Rach! Can't wait to visit for a jam session!

  2. ya'll are too cute - love your fun family activities!! Never a dull moment with those Kirkland boys...and Rachie. :) hee hee...

  3. That is SO cool. Nathan will be most impressed!

  4. You are such a rad rockstar drummer chick!

    I love it.