Friday, January 15, 2010

Joaquin's new trick!

"Hey guys, it's Joaquin! Guess what I learned to do? I can sit up now! It is a much better view than being on the floor all the time! Aren't I such a big boy? My mommy and daddy think I am growing up too fast, but I can't move fast enough. I'm working on my crawling technique and I'm sure I'll get it down here pretty soon too! Peace Out"

Here are some pics mom took of me doing my new thang...


  1. He is soooo adorable! Yeah for sitting up... I bet he loves that he can sit up and see the world around him now.

  2. Yeeeeaaah! You are such big stuff, JSK. I love you!

  3. yeah Joaquin!!! you are precious lil guy sittin up!! :)