Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just like old times...

This weekend Ian, the boys and I drove to the San Antonio area so that I could have some stunting time with one of my old stunt partners from Baylor, Ronnie. I met Ronnie back in 98 when he was a swing dancer. Somehow my roommate, Melissa and I talked him into coming to learn how to stunt. We worked with him for a day or so and he was hooked! I'm so proud to say I helped teach Ronnie some of what he knows, because he is an amazingly talented man! There is a saying that "You know you are a good teacher when your student is able to surpass you in their abilities" and that is the case with Ronnie! When I was a Junior at Baylor, Ronnie and I got to be co-ed partners on Baylor's cheer squad. All that being said, we got back in touch this year at Baylor Homecoming and have been trying to get together to keep ourselves in stunting shape. :) It has been a looooooooong time since I have done most of this stuff, about 10 years actually, so it was soooooo much fun to get back into the groove. Here are some video's Ian took from this weekend. (By the way, Ian gets "Daddy of the Year" award for keeping the kids occupied while letting mommy stunt the day away! I love you babe! You're so good to me!)

Here I am trying to do a double twist down from a heelstretch.

Here I am doing a full twist on the way up to a toss-awesome.

And this one was the try-out routine we did together back in 99. We were still able to do it! :)

And the rest of these are some pictures I took while up in some stunts. It is fun to show the world what it looks like from that point of view. :)

From up in an awesome...both feet being held in one hand

From an open foot being held in two hands

From an extension...both feet held in each hand


  1. STUDS! Wow, you guys look incredible. My favorite is video three (check out the still shot). hehe
    The tryout routine looks just like it did in '99. You are a hot mama and an amazing stunter. You go girl. We HAVE to get together and play soon. Oh yeah and Ronnie you are good too :)

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  3. I LOVE hearing the babies in the background! You are in a different place in life, but still having the fun of yester year!

    So Stinkin' fun!

    Whoo hoo!