Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Name Options

OK, so I know you all must be getting frustrated that we haven't picked a name yet. And honestly, instead of the options getting smaller and more narrowed down, they have opened up and not really resolved. I hope no one will be angry with us if we don't even pick any from these polls, but sometimes the more I look at a name the less I start to like it. So, here are some others we are considering. Believe it or not, we really are giving a lot of thought and time to this, it just seems like we aren't getting very far. We are praying every day that God make the name that this little guy needs obvious to us, so we are trusting that we WILL eventually choose one. It just may not be before his birth :)


  1. I love them favorites (from all the choices) are: Pearce and Knox. They sound the best with your last name. Can't wait to meet the little dude...and can't wait to see you this weekend!

  2. my faves from that new revised list are Knox, Dane and Gentry.
    don't worry my friend, you'll figure it out in the perfect timing. love ya!!! Can't wait to meet him!