Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have to give an apology because we accidentally erased some photos from our camera that we were planning on sharing with everyone. Last weekend Elijah had his first Easter egg hunt at Uncle Adam and Aunt Chandra's. Little Noah (their son that is only one month younger than Elijah) and Elijah went crawling through the grass looking for eggs. It was so precious!

Also, Ian and I decided to dedicate Elijah to the Lord on Easter. Our church just does a large group dedication that is kinda a general thing, so we wanted to do something on our own. It was really special. We took Elijah down by the San Gabriel River by our house and prayed over him, giving him back to God. It was a gorgeous day and so peaceful down by the river. God even sent a Hawk that was swooping around our heads. I really felt like it was a sign that God's Spirit was present. Sorry, none of the pictures of either of those events made it on the blog, but I still wanted to share a brief bit about them since they were both new and special in Elijah's life.

I promise that when Elijah turns 1 year old (in a week and a 1/2) we will have lots of pictures to share. :)

Lots of love- Rachel


  1. That is amazing! When I read about the hawk, I got chills. God was absolutely there. That sounded so special. Wish we could have been there!

  2. awww, how cool, i love that! So sorry about the pics tho, i know how frutrating that can be. :(

  3. I have been trying to comment FOREVER! My school server doesn't allow it on your page. I have said many "awww's" "sighs" and telling you "you're beautiful." I love your personalized baby dedication. Beautiful!!

  4. What a beautiful experience! Definitely gave me chills.