Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surprise Gifts!

Aunt Chandra and Uncle Adam gave baby #2 a crib mattress for his baby shower and Elijah got the gift of the leftover BOX in return!! He was soooooo excited! Daddy cut a door and a window into the side of the mattress box and pushed it up against the side of the dining room table so Elijah could go in and out. He loves his new play wall! Ahhh, brings back memories of how much fun it was to just play in a box! :)

He also got a birthday card in the mail from Aunt Katie that moo's when he opens it and looks at the cow. That has also become a quick new favorite and a surprise gift! Thanks Aunt Katie for the hours of "mooing" entertainment! :)

Here he is reading his favorite new card underneath the table.

Here is his "fun wall" with Mr. Otter Puppet coming to see him.

And, here he is crawling through the door! It is acutally quite fun, and if mommy didn't have such a freaking huge belly right now with baby # 2 in it, she would be crawling in and out of the door too! :)

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  1. awww - how cute is that? and what a blessing to get another crib mattress, yea!!! :)