Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thanksgiving has been a fun time to get the boys into the holidays.

We picked up this little homemade scarecrow at the goodwill the other day and the boys have had fun putting her all over the house and on the bench on the front patio. She is now one of our family Thanksgiving decorations.

The boys had a sweet little Thanksgiving party at their Montessori school. They performed what they called the 'Turkey dance' and wore their Indian headbands. 

On Thanksgiving day we drove up to mom and dad's in Moody to celebrate together with MiMi, Papaw, Uncle John, Grandaddy Bill, Namama and Aunt Kellye.

Going to MiMi and Papaw's house is like a visit to Disney Land for the boys. Elijah says they live in a "castle" so to them, the fun of exploring and running around the 7000 square feet of home is overwhelming.

Ian and I tried to dress up like Pilgrims and Indians. I made hats for Ian and I and the boys had their Indian head-dresses that they had previously made at school.

I also put together a leather loin cloth for the boys to wear.

Elijah was the only one brave enough to put on his Indian outfit.

Complete with chest hair! (Although the hair didn't last long).  Elijah shared the whole Thanksgiving story to the whole family during our special meal together. He said that his costume made him look like Squanto (the original Thanksgiving meal Indian that taught the pilgrims to plant corn!) 

My little smarties! :)

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