Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting Colder

One thing I love about Texas is that the weather changes. Not major threatening seasons, but you can at least feel the changes. By the time summer is coming to an end, I start looking forward to something new. The sky clears and the we get out our sweaters and firewood. 

Here is a pic of the boys watching the sunset outside our front yard. Daddy let them sit on top of the hood of the car and we laid back and tried to count the stars.

Saturday morning lego creations by the fire has become another fun tradition. The boys always run into our bed and ask for a fire in the fireplace. Daddy let's them turn on the gas and help haul the logs into the fireplace. Mommy's job is to make a nice Saturday morning breakfast of something like waffles, eggs, pancakes or omelets while the boys see who can make the coolest lego design.

The air was so crisp and there wasn't a cloud in the sky so we decided to take a family picnic out to the park. We bundled up in our cold-weather clothes and headed to the park playground.

Elijah and Joaquin (but especially Elijah) have been wearing their superman / hero capes everywhere they go. We even brought our swords to the picnic to protect against any wild animals that might be roaming the park. (In Elijah's words)  :)

I love this photo of the boys all cuddled up in front of the fire before bed.  We had taken a warm bath and gotten our jammies on. The boys requested that we do our usual bedtime story in front of the fire in the fireplace, so we had a fun cuddle and read time before we headed to bed.

I had to put these pictures in here too. The boys are so cute with their little golf clubs that Papaw gave them. They have a special carpet they roll out on the back patio and then plug in their hole-in-one practice hole.

This has become one of our favorite dreary afternoon activities since we can stay on the patio and play. (Pay no attention to the dying plants in the background. Winter has roared its weary head on our plants.)

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