Thursday, December 6, 2012


The boys had a blast this Halloween!  The older they get, the more fun it is during the various holiday seasons. Elijah finally settled on being a cowboy and Joaquin chose a pirate. We had various pieces of all these costumes, so Mommy just put together little outfits for each of the boys. 

They had a blast. 

Here are some pics from all the activities.

Elijah's cowboy costume consisted of Mommy's suede cowboy hat (apparently we have exactly the same size head). The fancy suede sherif vest was Uncle John's when he was a little kid and MiMi passed it on for the occasion. The only purchased part of the outfit was the silver, decorated, pop-cap gun. I sewed some pleather chaps and decorative elements on some pants and added a holster for his gun. Once his handkerchief was in place, he was ready to rock and roll.

If you can't tell, he took it very seriously.

Joaquin was excited to dress up like a pirate. The boys have been into pirates for a while now and we had lots of pirate paraphernalia too.  Gamma and Gampa got the boys a pirate hat last Christmas and daddy had a fake knife that came with his 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Halloween costume from a few years back. So all mommy had to do was cut up and white t-shirt and sew some black pirate knickers. :)  Unfortunately, a cold front came in and the Joaquin had to wear a thermal under his costume so it didn't quite look so authentic. But, he was happy, and could have care'd less about the whole ordeal.

Here the boys are posing before heading out to a costume party.

Look at that smiling face!  Elijah had a blast helping daddy carve the family pumpkin this year. Joaquin wouldn't dare go near the pumpkin guts, but Elijah reached in there and grabbed a hand-full of gooey sludge.

This was the final result of our family pumpkin. The boys requested a 'robot face' this year, so daddy created this design.

Here was Elijah's own personal pumpkin. He did a fabulous job poking out eye holes and teeth.

This is my attempt to get them to smile right before we headed out onto the street for trick or treating. As you can see, they were pretty amped already and didn't really want to sit still for mommy's photo op. :)

The boys had a blast trick or treating around the neighborhood. We walked around for a couple hours and we only stopped because the boys pumpkins carrying all their candy got too heavy and they could no longer hold them! 

We had an all out candy craze fest when we got home and it continued throughout the next week...

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