Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

The boys had been counting down the days till the Pumpkin Patch at the church down the road from us opened its' gates.  Every day we drove by on our way to school and the boys would scream out some new addition they noticed had been set out in front of the church in an effort to get ready for the pumpkins.  The pallets were out last week.  They hay stacks were being set up the week before.  Finally, this week, the first of October, the pumpkins arrived and the 'open' sign was set out.

The boys were elated!  We weren't able to wait even one day after they opened to get our pumpkins.  Instead, we were decked out in orange and in the parking lot of the church on October 1st -- opening day.

I'm not sure what it is that makes rows and rows of pumpkins so appealing to kids, but they love it!  Of course they were willing to appease mommy and daddy for a few posed photographs, but other than that, they were off like the rows of pumpkins were orange cones lining a race track!

By the end of our time at the patch, the boys each chose a mini-pumpkin of their own and we picked our big family one for the front porch...it was a success.  Here are some photos from our trip.

This was our one posed photo in front of the hay stacks.

Elijah giving hugs to his favorite scarecrow.

Joaquin had a great idea to shake hands with the scarecrows for a photo op.

Mommy and her little Hawk

Joaquin's selection process to find his perfect personal pumpkin

The loved the mini pumpkins.  In fact, they have slept with them in their beds every night since we purchased them.

Elijah's run around the patch.

And, now Joaquin is off and running

Mommy and Joaquin -- Crazy Pumpkin Eyes

Rows and Rows

I made Ian take a photo of the church door because every time I drive by it I wish I had my camera...beautiful huh?

Well, that's it for now.  I hope everyone has a wonderful month of pumpkins!  The boys still haven't nailed down what they want to be for halloween.  It changes every week.  So far the list has been: a cliche ghost (a sheet with eyes cut out, which I pray Joaquin doesn't pick because I can just see him tripping all over this thing -- major safety hazard), a cowboy, a pirate, a car, and a flashlight. :) ha!

We will see when the end of the month comes, what the boys decide.  I'm sure that post will come soon.

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