Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall has Arrived!

The boys have been so excited about fall and all the holidays that are on their way!  The first day we felt a chill in the breeze, they ran in the closet to grab their coats.  Last year Mimi and Papaw have them matching jean jackets with hoodies that they love.  They couldn't wait to wear them again!

We decided to do a little fall cleaning and started with the garage.  There were a lot of things to go and the boys 'helped' us pull things out and put them into the car to take to the salvation army.  That night be had hot-dogs on the porch and watched the beautiful Texas sun set.  

Fires are a new fall activity the boys have been enjoying!  The boys love to get out of the bath at night, put on their jammies and go cuddle by the fire for a few minutes before heading to bed.

But evenings are the only time the boys enjoy the fireplace.  It has become a quick family favorite to make lego creations by the fire on Saturday mornings while eating a slow breakfast. (Which usually consists of requests from the boys for either homemade pancakes, cinnamon rolls or waffles.) 

This is a typical morning, with the boys running into our bed to cuddle up under the covies.

 I just threw this photo in there because it was cute.  Daddy threw Joaquin into the ball basket at Walmart because he was begging for it and honestly, he had a blast! :)

This fall weather has also brought us all out to enjoy the clear air...
here's daddy with Joaquin on one of our park picnics.

All my boys, having lunch.  Elijah and Joaquin love to wear their candy corn hats! 
(Thanks Tia Carolina!)

Mommy and her boys enjoying the weather.

And of course, as the boys realize the weather is getting colder, they know that Christmas is on it's way.  And, isn't Christmas the one day that the kid calendar revolves around?
Ian has a card maker ap on his phone and the boys wanted to design a card as soon as they realized Christmas was only a few months away.  This is the card they designed and the words they wanted on the card.  :)

I think we may pass on sending this one out as our yearly card, but it is fun to share it with you all!

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