Thursday, September 27, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Joni

We said goodbye to our sweet little pug dog, Joni this week.  As you all may know, she went blind earlier this year so he had become more of a full time house dog.  Well, this past weekend she went with us to the Moody Cotton Festival.  My brother John gave her a bath one night and she slept in her crate, like she always does.  

Sunday morning Ian put her outside in my parent's backyard to eat her breakfast and do her business but later that day we couldn't find her.  We looked all around the backyard and there was no sign of little Joni.  

Automatically we were worried because she didn't have her collar on because we had taken it off to give her a bath the night before and of course she can't see where she is going.  John and Ian thought maybe the side gate to the backyard had been open this morning and maybe she had wandered off earlier.  

We drove the neighborhood, rode bikes through the neighborhood, put out signs, went door to door asking if anyone had seen her, to no avail.  We even had a couple "false hopes" of people saying they thought they saw her tied up at this or that house, only to find out that person had a different pug dog.  

Joni had been our little girl before our boys came and Elijah and Joaquin had grown up with her.  It has been a hard transition to let her go.  As strange as this sounds, though, God sent us a cardinal bird right before we had to leave my parent's house in Moody, as a signal to let us know Joni had moved on and was at peace.  (Much like the cardinal bird that stayed outside my window when we lost baby #3.)

The boys said sweet goodbyes to her the other day during a special time where we "focused on the love we had for Joni."  I think it was hard not to get to say goodbye, so we all said something special to her for closure.  

We love you little girl!

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