Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Gift of Friendship

Don't you love it when God works things out so perfectly, you couldn't have dreamed it better yourself? Well, that is exactly what God did when he made sure my best friend's son's doctor worked out of Austin. 

Many of you know my very best friend since college, Melissa.  A couple years back, she and her husband made the move from Dallas to Little Rock Arkansas.  They have been extremely blessed by being there, but it was a big move.  

The caveat to their move, though, was the fact that Melissa's precious son, Carson, sees a specialist doctor that only works in Austin and New York City.  So, God made sure that at least once a year, I would get to see my best friend!  Awesome isn't it!  :)

True friendship is such a devine gift.  Melissa and I were friends, cheerleading team members, roomies, stood by each other at our weddings, hand holders during the birth of our children, and everything in between.  Our relationship is one that sustains and grows deeper and wider with age; we are soul sisters -- as we say.  It is truly something God smiled down on the both of us.


Just this week, Mel, Nathan and little Carson came to visit for their anual check in with the doc.  It was an amazing visit.  Ian and Nathan got to hang out.  All the little guys turned into what looked like triplets.   Elijah being 4.5 yrs old, Carson 4 and Joaquin 3 - they are little bosom buddies.  So, it was a perfect time of everyone getting their fix of friendship!

We had a nice dinner at one of our favorite TexMex joints and then had a low key brunch the next day before they headed out.  Here are some pics from our time together:

All the boys huddled around the ipad after dinner was winding down.

Mel and I at dinner.

All the little guys playing outside in front of the fountain.

Nathan, Mel and I at brunch before the made the long drive back to Little Rock.

Love you guys!

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