Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tristan's Christening

I wanted to make sure I had an entry about my new nephew, Tristan's Christening. Chandra and Adam had a beautiful ceremony to dedicate their son to Christ. Tristan's God parents also stood to promise to guide and direct Tristan in the ways of the Lord. It was so touching to all share the occasion with family and friends. Namama and Bill, Buddy and Natalie, Mom, Dad, JB and Ian and I were all there to celebrate as well as most of Chandra's family. The baptismal gown that Tristan wore has actually been in the family for over 5 generations.

It was about a year ago that Chandra planned Noah's christening so it was neat to have Tristan's ceremony in the same chapel were Noah was christened. Afterward, Chandra and Adam had a reception at a beautiful winery about 15 minutes outside of Salado. I wanted to share some pictures Ian and I took of the event. We are so blessed by our family and are so excited to have Tristan as our newest nephew and cousin to our boys!

These pictures are not in any particular order so bare with me...

MiMi and Noah and Elijah on their way into the reception hall

Adam and Noah having cake

Ian and I on the vineyard grounds

In the back of the winery where the reception was held. This is a view of the vineyard.

Adam and Namama

Ian and Joaquin

Namama and Noah at the reception

Mother and son

Noah stood up on the podium after the ceremony and it was so stinking cute. Looked like he had something he wanted to preach! :)

MiMi and baby Tristan

Adam and me at the church

Papaw and Joaquin (we were trying to keep him quiet with a passy... wasn't all that effective)

Natalie and Elijah playing "push the nose button" :)

Noah, Adam and Elijah

Daddy giving little Tristan kisses with Chandra in the church doorway

Dad, JB, Mom, Tristan, Namama, Bill, Chandra, Noah, and Adam after the ceremony

Chandra, her Dad Karl, Adam, Godparents Deborah and Bob, and Chandra's aunt Vicki

The Godparents and pastor with Tristan and Adam and Chandra

Sprinkle baptism with Godparents, Bob and Deborah Shafer

Tristan's dedication

The beautiful Church in Salado where both Noah and Tristan were christened

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