Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noah's Birthday

Last weekend the family went up to Belton for cousin Noah's 2nd Birthday. It was wonderful to see so many of our family members there and the boys had a blast. As always, Chandra and Adam went above and beyond with the party. I tell Chandra all the time that she should start an event planning business because she is so good with all the parties and get-togethers she plans. Adam was also an amazing host and whipped up some to die for goodies on the grill!

One of the highlights for the kiddos was the blow up water slide jumpy house thing they had in the back yard. Well, maybe I should rephrase and say that it wasn't really a highlight for Elijah...maybe more like a low light. He was terrified of the bouncy house and screamed the entire time we tried to get him used to it. But, Ian and Joaquin had a great time in it. Truthfully, by the end it was mostly just Adam, Ian, Natalie, MiMi, Noah and Joaquin that did the sliding, but it was hilarious to watch! Adam and Ian were trying to get the most "air" at the bottom of the slide and Noah was braving it on his own! I think the big boys had more fun than anyone else.

Chandra's family was in town for Tristan's Christening (more on that in the next blog post) and so it was wonderful to spend time with all of them too! There was also a big crew from my mom's side of the family; Namama, Bill, Buddy and Natalie all came in for the weekend. The boys soaked up every minute they could with the family and we had a blast. Here are some pictures from the day:

And Joaquin is off!

The bounce house slip and slide

Namama, MiMi and Tristan

cool dude Joaquin

precious...all babies love Grandaddy Bill. Seriously, he has some natural calm to him and this is what happens when he holds them for a bit! My kids did the same thing; just knocked out asleep when Bill would hold them!

I have never seen Elijah eat more cake than he did at Noah's party. I swear, he is turning into his gampa. Gampa is the only person I have ever seen eat more cake and ice cream than Elijah did that day! Some serious sweet tooth in those genes!

Ian and Joaquin playing with the balloons...

It took them a couple hours to get this thing put together! They had to go at it a couple different times. Noah would think it was done and hop in and then a wheel would fall off or something and the guys would be at it again! It was hilarious!

Birthday boy

He had his own little cake to eat separate from the big one everyone else was served from. He was showing me the big "2" shaped icing he was about to eat...

Elijah blowing his party favor

Joaquin and is favorite "globo"

It was a train theme

Noah, mommy and daddy blowing out his cute train cake

The birthday boy!!


  1. Fantastic family, I adore your little boy so much! I wanna hug him!

  2. awwww, what a fun party we missed!!! and will miss seeing them as they head overseas!!! :(