Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joaquin's 1st Birthday Party!

This past Memorial Day weekend we celebrated Joaquin's first birthday. We decided to have it at our house this time so the boys could get in a good nap beforehand and we were so glad we did! It was fun decorating and opening our home to family and friends!

Joaquin loved being the center of attention and he is quite the social bug! He had fun playing with all the other kiddos and of course eating every bite of his birthday cake! We had 3 types of fondue to dip into, hot dogs, margaritas, sock puppets, and water balloons! Mommy made carrot cake with cream cheese icing because it is one of her favorites and Joaquin seemed to have the same taste buds as mommy!

Uncle Stu flew in from California for the weekend and it was so great to have him at the party, not to mention he was AMAZING at cleaning up! He was also the resident photographer for the event! All the pics you see where taken by him! Thanks again Stu! We also went into Austin for some fancy pancakes at the Magnolia Cafe and hunted around in Uncommon Objects for half the day on Sunday! Before Uncle Stu had to go home we all took a trip to our pool. The boys didn't stop smiling and laughing until they dropped Stu at the airport.

Overall, we had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and first birthday for Joaquin! Here are some pics of the weekend:

swimming in the baby pool

all the guys ready to head into the water

cutie pie in his new floaties

out and about in Austin

Joaquin's cake

The sweet birthday boy!

Daddy tickling Elijah

somebody is pooped out from all the partying

Noah and Elijah playing hide and seek under the pillows

Cool dude in Uncle Stu's glasses

I'm not sure how this happened but someone put Joaquin in a gift bag when we were opening presents.

My precious boys

Gamma and Gampa sent some of Ian's old Lego's for the boys to play with and Joaquin decided the Lego boat looked more like a phone than a boat. He carried it around like this throughout the day.

The youngest little party-goer...Tristan

Bennett was having a blast in the walker

Uncle Adam was handing out water balloons in the back yard. The big kids had a blast with that!

Big brother Jackson loved pushing his little bro around in the walker. I don't think Bennett was as amused by it as Jackson was! :)

All the Crosby boys!

Opening presents

wow that is a cool one!

Joaquin got a bit jealous and wanted a ride

Jackson turned that walker into a six flags ride and everyone wanted in on the action!

I think the packaging on some of the gifts was Joaquin's favorite thing.

Joaquin and Elijah got matching little pen-stripped summer suits from MiMi and Papaw!

Joaquin loves hats and as soon as he spotted cousin Noah's cap, he had to put it on!

OK, this picture has no relation what so ever to this weekend, but it was on the camera card when I downloaded the images and I thought it was freaking hilarious! Look at Elijah's hair! He seriously has perfect 80's hair-band hair! When I see pictures like this I wonder what in the heck took us so long to cut it!


  1. ha ha ha!!! LOVE that pic, and i too thought the exact same thing after i FINALLY cut jackson's hair for the first time, ha ha.

    thanks for being so wonderful and letting us come and invade your house and help celebrate Joaquin!!!! We have been using that walker so stinkin much - love it!! thanks so much for letting us borrow it! the pics of jackson giving rides are hilarious!!

    love you!

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Joaquin. We love you! Looks like you had an amazing bday!