Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Experiences

"Kris Kross Will Make You..."

Joaquin has a new favorite way to spend his time...in the bouncer! It is a great way for mommy not to have to worry about him getting trampled on by Joni or Elijah running around. He loves to warm up those leg muscles and just jump and jump and jump.

Elijah's new favorite activity is good ole fort building. Well, I should correct that and say his favorite activity is playing in the fort, not building it. Mommy and Daddy get the joy of putting it all together, although it isn't like it takes a lot of effort to move the couch pillows around. :) It brought back such fun memories of playing in elaborate forts that my brothers and I would take days to construct with secret passageways and booby-traps for tress passers. (Of course we would later make my mother or father "tress pass" so the traps were put to good use.) Ahh, so much happiness from scheming and creating. Parenting is such a special time-traveling experience that puts us all back there in that simple space of childhood joy!


  1. love seeing videos of them!!!! sooo cute. :)

  2. Yall are such awesome parents! love the fort!