Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gampa's Visit

This weekend Ian's dad, otherwise known as "Gampa", came to stay. The boys had a blast with their new buddy in town and it was wonderful to see the generations of guys all bonding. Elijah kept holding up his arms for Gampa to hold him and Joaquin was all smiles every time Gampa came into the room.

Gampa watched Joaquin while Daddy had a bath time with Elijah. :) It is always fun and games with Daddy in the tub!

Here is Gampa and Elijah just before Gampa had to head off to the airport. Elijah wasn't too happy to be losing his pal. :(

Gampa showed Elijah how to wear his fancy tie and let him play with his big-boy briefcase. The credit card, however, was stolen from Daddy's wallet, that little scoundrel. :)

Little man, Joaquin, after he had his bath with Daddy. (I love those little doughy arms!)

Gampa helped motivate Joaquin towards learning to crawl. He is pretty darn successful at getting where he wants to go just by rolling, wiggling, and army-crawling on his belly. In this picture he started on the play mat (in the far right corner of the photo where the blue book is placed), but as soon as mommy turned her back towards the kitchen he was out the gate and headed toward the bedroom where Gampa and Daddy were talking. Wanted to be with the boys, I guess. :)

Thanks for your visit Gampa and for loving on your grandbabies! We love you!

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  1. So sweet! You seem out numbered. You should come visit me for some girl time. :)