Sunday, November 29, 2009


*This post is for our good friend, Darren! Happy Birthday man; We love you!

We were so excited to get the email from Lindsey telling of your video birthday wishes! We hope you have an amazing birthday and we are sorry we can't be there in person. Just know, our hearts are completely there in joy and gratitude!

You are an amazing man! We are so proud to call ourselves your friends and feel honored that you have chosen us to share times of your life with us! You are so loyal, trustworthy, honest, genuine, compassionate, fun, accepting, encouraging, and loving. Thank you for being who you are! We celebrate you today!!!

A little side note about our videos. So, we took these Sunday morning, which you must realize means we are still in our jammies and are lazo-ing around the house. Sorry I didn't put any makeup on or at least brush my hair. :) But, even though we aren't dressed for your party, we love you all the same. :)

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