Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cancun Pics- 2nd Vacation Post

*If you want to hear about our vacation in order, read the previous video post before you read this one. :)

This was day one of our trip, in the Prius, on our way to the airport in the morning.

The beach was beautiful. Ian and I loved those little beach beds. You would seriously be asleep in seconds listening to the ocean.

This was just one of the little covered huts where you could sit out in front of the ocean. You had to get to the beach early if you wanted to claim one. :)

Central pool with the lobster grill on top of the water.

This is another one of the pools and the ocean is in the background. It looks empty because it was around 8 in the morning just before we went out for breakfast.

I took this pic early in the morning of one of the pools with a swim-up bar and a little restaurant that is in the middle of the pool.

This was before we went out for dinner at the Mexican restaurant on the grounds. There were 5 or 6 nice restaurants that you could choose from each evening.

This was one of my favorite things to do. They had two person sized hammocks all over the grounds that hung just enough in the water to keep you cool. As soon as the breeze started swaying the hammock I was asleep in seconds!

I loved these palapa beds. Ian and I spent an afternoon in the pool and reading to each other out loud under our palapa.

This was the entryway when you check in to the resort. You arrive on the 2nd floor and then walk down these stairs to the rest of the facilities.

Here is Ian getting ready to start our hydrotherapy at the spa.

I know it is random, but the trash cans in the spa dressing room were just so pretty!

This was a huge 3 story water fountain wall in the center of the spa. The ceiling at the very top was a clear skylight. The architecture was amazing! I want one of these in my house someday! :)
A mid-day break from the heat, reading on our couch.

Ian and I laying out on the white sand beach.

Crystal clear tropical waters!

Huge jacuzzi tub!

The bed, with Ian still sleeping in the morning. :)

Our amazing rooftop terrace

Another picture of the balcony beds, our pool and the outdoor shower on the terrace.

The view of our side terrace from the covered balcony.

The tub had a window/door that opened up onto the covered patio
View from the balcony

This was the covered part of our balcony. We sat/laid out here when there was a mid-afternoon shower.

Looking towards the ocean from our balcony. The pool on the far left is part of the hydrotherapy spa.

This is a view of one of the pools that circles around the resort. I took this picture from our balcony.
I secretly took this pic during our second flight out. Ian was knocked out! :)

Here, we thought we were leaving. This was Friday morning. But, we actually sat on the plane for 2 hours before they drove back to the gate and cancelled our flight. :(


  1. This really looks like the most relaxing and amazing vacation ever. I am so jealous! I also miss you both immensely... I hope I get to see you before I leave for my "vacation".

  2. Wow. A few things to say:

    I thought you just had a baby. Maybe I have you confused with someone else. That cannot be a post-baby body.

    I want to book a trip to that place rightnow. Not even time for a space between the words.

    I am so glad you got to get away! I'm a little getaway was to downtown Dallas but I'm gonna show hubs these pictures and plead for a vacation in the near future.

    Okay that's all. :)

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous, that seriously looked AMAZING!!! Where did ya'll stay?? please pass on the deets...josh and i must go on our next vaca...been wanting to get away to an all inclusive in Mexico for our next big vaca!!! Sooooo glad ya'll got to get away and get that great time together - you deserve it busy parentals of two!!! :)

  4. p.s. you look incredible Rach!! HOTTIE MAMA! I agree with the comment above...i thought you JUST had a wee lil bebe!!!

  5. Un.Real!
    Wow, your pictures are amazing. It looks like the vacation of a lifetime. I was relaxed just looking at the photos. So deserved! I would love the hotel info. It looks incredible and yall are the most gorgeous couple. Rach, you are beyond!

  6. So, a few things of note:

    1. You are absolutely stunning. You just radiate warmth and beauty from the inside out through your clear blue eyes and sweet smile.

    And you're also just plain pretty.

    2. Ian's no slouch. ;)

    3. What an unforgettable, lovely place to run away together to. I feel more relaxed just looking through your amazing pictures.

    4. I'm so happy for you both.

    5. I wish I could squeeze you.