Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We were playing in the backyard this weekend and decided to take some pictures.  We actually have these beautiful white flower weeds growing all over the place, which made for what we thought would be a good picture op.  :)

Elijah's favorite word is "BALL", which he says with the intonation of a question, like he isn't sure if it is a ball or not and wants someone to verify.  He is also learning to throw the ball to Joni our pug, and Daddy of course. :)

One of Elijah's favorites!  Daddy tosses!

Precious little man!
His hair is getting long and curly in the back.  I love it.

Elijah thought it was fun being in the flowers.

Joaquin liked daddy flying him around in the air.

He DID NOT, however, like laying in the flowers.  I think this one got a little too close to his face and it freaked him out.  :)  It was funny, though.

He is getting so big now!  

I love my little guys!


  1. Love the daddy toss ;) So precious!

  2. So cute... Joaquin is getting big! Both your boys are so adorable! Great pictures!

  3. ahhhh, such great pics! your boys are growin so fast!!

  4. Those are super precious pictures!

  5. You capture such sweet moments.

    Surely it helps that your boys look like precious little angels.

    But still. ;)