Monday, October 26, 2009

Baylor Homecoming

The whole family headed up to Baylor Homecoming this weekend. We were going to the football game because, if you don't know, the cheerleader alumni can cheer on the field during the 3rd quarter of the game. It is usually a blast and all the old cheer guys and gals play around stunting on the field. Well, I haven't been able to do this in a very long time (6 years to be exact) because I was living in California, and then I was pregnant every time homecoming came around since we have been living in Texas. So, this year I was excited to go to the game.

We decided to take the little guys so we wanted to show up around half time because we didn't think they would be able to last a whole game while both on Daddy's lap. :) Ian is super-dad, by the way. However, we ended up getting there late and only had 3 min. left in 3rd quarter for me to jump down on the field. (And, I mean that literally. I jumped down from the stands with just enough time to throw a few stunts in my jeans and all! Ronnie had me throw on some white t-shirt of his over my tank top and that was it!) Ha! It was fun though.

One-armed liberty

Left-armed Cupie

This was part of a stunt sequence

Twisting and smiling at the camera for a nice photo op :)

Arabesque after the game

Twisting out of a stunt at the game

Pike-open basket toss

One-armed lib

Right-armed Cupie

Ball-up stretch (kinda tough to do in jeans, ha!)

Eventually, Elijah got stung by a bee on his hand and the party ended. He was a tough little guy though and by the time we headed to the car, he had stopped crying all together! I wish we had gotten more photos of the boys and Ian at the game, but it was tough to remember the camera with so much else going on.

This was what they call a tic-tock. Ronnie switched off hands, holding both my feet above his head with his right hand, then his left. It is a tough stunt for the guys. Not as tough for the girls. We just stay tight and enjoy the ride. :)

One-armed liberty, which is where the girl is standing on one foot and the guy is holding her one foot with one hand above his head. :) This is a tough one. Ronnie and I were great partners together. It was like riding a bike; our technique just fell right into place again.


  1. You're amazing! So cool to get to see you stunting.

    You boys are so lucky to get to grow up with two supercool parents.

  2. I remember being a little girl going to Baylor homecoming dreaming of being a cheerleader...and you did it! And you can still do it! Amazing :)

  3. ahhhhhhh!!! so i kept looking for you during the 3rd quarter and thought, where is that girl??!!! so glad you were able to still play for a bit, and then got to even more off the field. i am amazed that you can still do all those neat tricks, and look amazing after 2 babies!! you go girl!
    Sorry about Ian's bee sting!! :(

  4. Wow! Looks like fun, although I would be way too scared to do that. I am impressed!

  5. You are freaking amazing. So proud of you!!

  6. Seriously.... you are super woman. I'm doing good to get around the block these days, let alone throw up an arabesque. Crazy person. Awesome though.