Friday, May 1, 2009

As promised...

Here are Dad and Adam playing washers in the backyard.  It was a perfect day; not too hot and not too cool, nice breeze and company.

Little Noah is such a happy baby and he preferred being pant-less too!  Those boys know how to get crazy at a party! :)
Here is Mel pushing Alex in the tree swing.

Precious Alex... a spitting image of her mommy!
Here is Elijah making a go for it; trying to get outside where the fun is being had.
Here we are opening gifts.  He got a big wagon full of outdoor sandbox toys from the Darby's!
Emily and Elijah loved playing with the musical table that MiMi and Papaw gave him!
Em was such a trooper; all the kiddos claimed her as their "buddy" for the day.  :)  Here is Noah and Elijah and Em at the table again.
Opening the gifts
He had a special little t-shirt for the day!
Sorry, this one got put on here twice.  I didn't realize I had the b/w on here too.  :)
And, here we are into the cake!
Just loving it!
Sooooooo happy about sugar!!
At one point he just put his whole face into it.
Thank goodness MiMi had a full on apron/bib that covered his shirt.  The shorts were covered, but the shirt was protected well.  
Papaw and Elijah
Here we are getting ready to start the activities... just having woken up from his nap!


  1. Ahh 1 year old!!! Congrads!! and that last pic is a spitting image of you!! so cute!

  2. I am hiring you for any of my pictures needs! You are so talented! HAPPY 30 baby!!

  3. OMG!!! how cute are those? and the quality so so are so gifted!!!