Sunday, May 3, 2009


As most of you know, I turned 30 years old yesterday, on May 2nd 2009! It is hard to believe time goes by that fast. 30 always seemed like such an "adult" age, and now that I am here myself, it feels quite young. I know that our parents always told us that you never really "feel your age" as you are getting older, but I guess I just never fully experienced that until now.

I had a wonderful day yesterday! I wasn't expecting to do much because I was already planning on celebrating my birthday with Mel in a few weeks with a girls spa weekend in Dallas, so it was a joyful surprise that Ian had planned a fun day for the two of us!

I woke up to a sweet card on my bedside table, and for those of you that don't know it, Ian is an amazing writer so his cards are always a gift in themselves. One of my love languages is definitely words of affirmation, so a card is an easy way to please me. :) Then, I got the perfect breakfast of a McDonald's egg and cheese bagel, orange juice, a chocolate glazed donut, and a Starbucks soy chai latte. :) Ian was such a trooper to drive all over town to get me EXACTLY what I wanted for breakfast (from our local donut store, to the Starbucks and Micky-D's). Then, he took Elijah over to Adam and Chandra's to watch him for the rest of the night so I could have a total relax day! I had a special pedicure and the works! Then, he surprised me with dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants in Austin and an awesome seat at the premiere comedy club in Austin! There were three stand-up sessions, and those guys were hilarious! I love comedy, so it was a perfect ending to a perfect day! This picture is from the comedy club when we first arrived. We had to get there an hour or so early, even with reservations, because it was sold out!

I have one tradition on birthday's to ask what the individual feels they have learned that year...some piece of advice that could be passed on from their however many years of wisdom. So, this time Ian asked me and for some reason it wasn't hard to answer this year. In a very real way I feel like I am aware that one thing I really want in this life is a life of peace. I want to be a mom, a wife, a daughter/ sister / friend, etc. that emanates peace and contentment in her life. I really do. I have found so much peace and inner contentment this year in being a stay at home mother and devoting myself to my family that it has truly brought up the desire to be this way my entire lifetime. I've always wanted to stay at home and raise my family, but it is more than that. I want to be REALLY GOOD at it. I want to bring back the lost art of the homemaker...for whatever that means. I want to educate my kids in ways that go beyond just schooling, and be devoted to my husband in total respect of who he is as a man and father, have great dinners planned, family nights, traditions started, and a house full of joy, edification, listening, wisdom, equality, fairness, strength, passion, and lots of laughter! So, there...that is what I learned about myself this year! :)


  1. STUD! What an amazing day. Totally deserved, a perfect day, for an awesome couple. I adore you both! Can't wait for May 16!!

  2. You forgot to mention the long phone conversation with the one who loves you in TN! :) Yea Ian! Yea Rachel! Yea God!

  3. ahhhh, so fun!!! what a great bday it sounded like! hope you got my text, i was thinking about ya all day. Love you - Happy 30th! looking forward to celebrating all together in a few weekends!

  4. Happy happy happy happy birthday Rachel! I feel like such a dork for not knowing it was your birthday, but I'm glad you had such an amazing day. Love both you kids tons and tons!!!

  5. Happy birthday, beautiful girl.

    It has been far too long.

    Far far too long.

    Much love to your sweet family from the Rushes.

    Shall we reconnect? I will track down an e-mail address...