Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here he is after the smack down occured...happy as a lark!

Here is the waiting period, trying to tempt Joni into putting her face up to the window.

He is very patient...

Here he is just about to touch the fish's eye. You can see me trying to move his hand out of the way to turn the page.

And, here is the "what? so, I love circles? what's wrong with that?" face...


  1. He needs to have a circle party for his 1st birthday :) Nothing wrong with a little obsession every now and then. Birds for example!

  2. LOVE your blog and so excited to cyberstalk you!

  3. what a sweetheart!!! AHHH! he is growing so fast!!

  4. OCD :) I like the ghetto nature of that last picture comment. :)