Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Family Photo Shoot

Me and My girl

MiMi and Papaw

My favorite people on the planet

GiGi and Pops (Noah and Tristan's Godparents)

Mom and Deborah

The Dustimars and Meltons

I love this background setting in Georgetown

Such a sweet extended family

Chandra and her Uncle Eric

Chandra and her Aunt Vicki

Chandra and her dad, Karl

My precious Talia the tutu her Auntie Missy gave her

My little model

happy girl smiling at daddy on the sidelines

Adam and Chandra with GiGi and Pops, their old next door neighbors from Belton


Chandra and her family

The kids were hilarious

Adam and Bob and Deborah (GiGi and Pops)

Noah and his great Uncle Eric

Chandra and Tristan, sweet mother and son

Grandpa D and Noah and Tristan

Adam and Chandra with Bob and Deborah and the boys

Chandra and Deborah hanging out during the photo shoot. I love the casuals!

This was the crazy energy of the grandparents and the grand kids!
They love their MiMi and Papaw!

Family huddle!

This was the best one we got of the whole crew

Sweet Tristan

Tristan and Joaquin telling secrets

Elijah trying to grab my camera lens

Brothers, Noah and Tristan walking along the stones

All the boy cousins together

My handsome boy

Making a run for it

Joaquin was too cool for the camera

Here is our best family shot of the five of us

Papaw teaching the boys how to skip rocks

I love these candid shots of my parents

The boys love being out in nature

Talia slept through the whole thing

Chandra and Karl hanging out

sweet father-daughter time

we were watching the boys try to skip rocks with Papaw

sitting by the river

mom and Deborah


Noah and Vicki on a nature walk around the area

Chandra is so beautiful

Joaquin and Tristan dropping sticks down the waterfall


Chandra and Eric

Chandra and Vicki

Chandra and her daddy

brother and sister time

mother and son on a walk by the water's edge

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