Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Aunt Katie's Visit

Ian's sister Katie came to visit us for a special time over the Christmas holiday! We were so excited to see her and have her in our neck of the woods! The boys had a blast hanging out with Aunt Katie and Talia finally got to meet her Auntie!

Here is a picture of the team at one of our favorite local burger joints… Phil's Ice House

Katie and I sitting on one of the cows on the outside playground near Amy's Ice Cream

Talia and Katie bonding time

One of the gifts Katie got the boys was an I-spy book. They loved working on it together!

The boys and Aunt Katie made a long Christmas chain one afternoon after school

Here the finished product hanging above the dining table

The boys could hardly wait to share an "early Christmas" with Aunt Katie. She had so many stocking stuffers and wrapped presents! The boys went crazy!

Thanks for all the amazing gifts!

Katie and I went to have some girl time one afternoon while the boys were in school and Ian was watching Talia. The chair massages were so aggressive they made you feel like you were riding a roller coaster! It was a hilarious way to get your nails done!

As a special treat Katie watched all the kiddos one night so Ian and I could have a date night! We were so grateful for the special time to just hang out together! We went for Thai food and caught a movie. Katie was a star babysitter! She had the boys in bed and the baby fed by the time we got home! 

The last night before Aunt Katie left we all braved the cold to see Austin's famous "Trail of Lights". It was amazing!

Pretty sure Talia slept through the whole thing, tough. :)

Couldn't miss spinning underneath the 3 story Christmas Tree!

This was way past the boys bedtime. They were literally in their PJ's. We just piled on the jackets and loaded up in the car and headed to Zilker Park.

The most difficult part was finding parking! It was packed! And, quite a workout! We walked the whole thing and Katie and Daddy ended up with a boy on their shoulders while I pushed the stroller!

We had such a blast with Aunt Katie and it really made the holidays start with a bang!

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