Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome Home!

On Wed, the30th, we received the okay to head home from the hospital. I had been trying to keep myself up and moving because I remembered from the previous cesarians that it felt better to keep moving and not get stiff than if I sat in bed all day. So, after my doctor and the pediatrician said I seemed great and Talia was great we were headed home.

Ian and I missed the boys and were so excited to introduce them to their new baby sister! When we arrived home around 3pm the boys were all dressed in their Big Brother shirts Aunt Katie bought them and had the house all decorated for a Welcome Home Party.

MiMi and the boys had been preparing for our arrival home and there were pink flowers all over the house as well as pink balloons and presents to boot!

Elijah and Joaquin were so excited and they helped to open Talia's gifts.

The boys also each got a present from their baby sister to each of them. They got new books and special Halloween toys! 

It was a perfect way to share the excitement of a new baby and make the boys feel special as well.

That night MiMi got to hold her first granddaughter,

and so did each of the boys. We took a bath and got all clean and then the boys each got to hold their baby sister for the first time.

They were so happy and it was such a sweet moment for both of them.

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