Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The boys had a blast walking around the neighborhood last night. We are still working on our "trick or treat" timing, though, so that they understand they have to wait till someone answers the door before they yell, "TRICK OR TREAT", at the top of their lungs. The first few houses, they just shouted at the door, but by the end of the street, they had pretty much gotten the hang of it.

Elijah, now being 3, completely understood the more houses we went to, the more candy he would get. So, he was amped to visit as many houses as he possibly could. Jaoquin, on the other hand, was pooped and ready to go back home after a few houses. Honestly, I think he was just ready to get to EAT the candy, instead of having to wait till we had been to all the houses and back home before he could dig into his pumpkin full of goodies.

Anyway, this year, Ian came up with a fun tradition for Halloween. We always struggle with what to really celebrate about Halloween without making things seem frightening for the little guys, and Ian and I really love the way Mexico celebrates and views the Day of the Dead (which is actually tomorrow). So, we decided to blend the purpose of Halloween with the view of a time to celebrate those that have died before us that we love and appreciate and want to use this time to celebrate their lives and acknowledge them. So, Ian decided we would have a little ceremony where we write the names of our loved ones that have died that we want to acknowledge and honor on a little scroll and dedicate a little prayer and celebration to them. The boys don't really get it right now, but we are excited to start a tradition that doesn't look as skulls and the like with a scary outlook, rather an honorable remembrance of loved ones.

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  1. SOOOO cute Rachie!!! the boys are getting so big!