Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We all drove up to Dallas to spend the holiday with the Youngs in Carrollton.

Nammama, Bill, Aunt Carol, Uncle Jeff, cousins Emily, Brett and Bryce and my mother, father and brother JB, as well as my Aunt Kellye were all there to celebrate together.

When we first arrived, all the cousins were dressed up as pilgrims and Indians! I wish I would have gotten a picture of that, but they got changed into their regular clothes too fast for me to get it. All that to say, it was a wonderful welcome when they opened the door!

The boys had a blast playing with all the cousins old toys and everyone else enjoyed looking at old photos and scrapbooks and of course, watching the football games. :)

We also celebrated Grandaddy Bill's birthday together that day. So, not only did we all eat pumpkin and pecan pie, but we also had amazing birthday cake! Needless to say, we had a full day and full tummies to boot.

After the festivities died down we all piled in the car and headed back to my parents house to crash for the night. The boys were exhausted.

The holiday weekend was then spent at my parents house (MiMi and Papaw's) getting all the Christmas decorations out and preping the tree. Elijah absolutely LOVES Christmas anything, so he was so excited to decorate the tree. He kept saying, "Mommy, this makes me so happy!" (This boy going to break the mold for guys who don't express their feelings verbally, cause Elijah is all about it!)

We returned home to our house just in time to head to church on Sunday for the beginning of Advent. It truly is such a special time of family, love, traditions, and exemplary joy!

Here are some photos from the weekend:
Elijah decorating MiMi and Papaw's tree

Uncle John with his dog Issa

MiMi and the little decorators (mind you they woke up and right away wanted to start decorating the tree, hence the p.j.'s)

goofing around with MiMi

Thanksgiving day at the Young's house

J.B., Grandaddy Bill, mom, Elijah and cousin Emily around Bill's birthday cake

The boys loved running around outside with cousin Bryce.

somehow Joaquin ended up with these weird goggles on and then didn't want to take them off all day. (Bryce even ended up giving them to Joaquin and he happily wore them all the way home...falling asleep in his carseat with them still on!)

Elijah running around the cones

my dad and Bryce planning basketball with the boys trying their best at defense...

JB and Namama around the fireplace

the boys love their great Namama

Aunt Carol, Joaquin, Emily and mom reading Emily's scrapbook

Aunt Kellye and Joaquin playing

Joaquin and Em

mom working up some magic in the kitchen

and of course, the common cooking and hang out room ends up being the kitchen

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