Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Mayborn Museum

A couple days after Christmas, all the little boy cousins, Uncle John, Cousin Natalie, and mommy and daddy's to a trip to the children's museum at Baylor. As we walked into the museum, Noah and Elijah were holding hands walking towards the trains and it was such a precious moment!

And of course Uncle John had to jump in the Middle Eastern head hole. It was so funny and the boys of course think Uncle John is hilarious!

The Native American room was an instant favorite of the boys with the Tepee and the drums!

And, then Ian caught a quick shot in the wall of mirrors with the boys!

Everyone had such a great time that day! Elijah and Noah are such great play buddies and they are all so much fun to watch now that they are older and get really excited about learning!


  1. oh i LOVE that ya'll had so much fun at the mayborn!!! come back and we'll meet ya'll up there...my boys love it too. :) it's fabulous bc they can play and we can sit and chat, ha ha. :)

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