Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Videos

I haven't had time to process the photos from Christmas yet, but it is fast to just upload the videos. So, here are some clips from this Christmas! This first one was of the boys opening one of their gifts from Gamma and Gampa!

Here is a video from Christmas morning. We spent the night of Christmas Eve at my parents house in Moody with Adam and Chandra, their two boys, Noah and Tristan, my Aunt Kellye, my younger brother John, and my parents. It was so special that Adam and Chandra and their boys were visiting from China and that Elijah and Noah got to play together. This video is of the cousins (mind you they are only one month apart in age) playing the piano together.

This was the first Christmas where Elijah was old enough to learn about St. Nick. He still isn't to the age where he is waking up and running down the stairs to see what goodies Santa brought, but it was so much fun to see the boys eyes light up when they realized their stockings were full of toys on Christmas morning!

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