Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! The rounded up the troops and headed over to MiMi and Papaw's house on Wednesday afternoon when the temperatures began to drop. Elijah and Joaquin previously created special leaf place mats for the occasion and they were excited to have the family all together. 

This was Talia's first trip to MiMi and Papaw's house and the car was loaded up with baby necessities. It is funny how the smaller the child, the more gear they require.  All in all we made it to the house without too much traffic and still being able to see out the back window through the pack-n-play and baby bouncy.

On Thursday morning we woke up to cooking and a ring on the doorbell and a visit from my mother's parents. It was their first time to see little Talia, and it was a special union of the Great-grandparents and their first great-granddaughter.

The boys and daddy and I helped get ready for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving fell on Talia's one month old birthday! October 28th-November 28th! Auntie Melissa sent Talia this big girl bow that says "1 month" on it so celebrate her special day too!

Great-grandaddy Bill holding Talia for the first time

Joaquin gave Great-grandaddy Bill stickers as a gift for Thanksgiving

Great-Namama putting Talia to sleep

The day after Thanksgiving MiMi and Papaw took us all to the Homestead Village Festival. The boys had a blast making all sorts of homemade treats.

Joaquin made a bar of soap

He also got to experience his first horse ride!

 Talk about a happy boy! He loved the animals!

 Elijah wove a basket

Papaw and Joaquin walking around the fairgrounds

The food was all homemade! It was amazing! Elijah and I shared a huge cinnamon roll.

It was also Uncle John's first time to meet Talia. They had a long stare down conversation where she looked into his eyes and told him all that she had been up to this first month of her life. :)

Talia was precious all bundled up in her pea-coat for the occasion.

 Big brother Joaquin helped to put Talia to sleep

Daddy is all about his little girl

And Big-brother Elijah loves to cuddle with his little sister too!

Here MiMi and the boys make homemade Taffy.
(That was quite a mess, but they did it!)

 Overall we had a wonderful time with family and the boys made amazing memories that they will never forget! Now on to Christmas! :)

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