Monday, April 1, 2013

Our New Place

We recently made the big move up the hill to Lake Travis. We are enjoying our new house and the gorgeous view.  Since we are in real estate, our houses pretty much go on the market the day after we move in and we never know how long we will be in a certain location, but we enjoy all that God gives us in the meantime.

The new house is about the same amount of square feet, it is just designed a little different in terms of rooms and layout. The home is a tri-level off the side of a beautiful hilltop overlooking a peninsula on Lake Travis. Here are some images of the new pad:

the living room view from the kitchen

the upstairs balcony


master bedroom has gorgeous views

my favorite place to hang out

the dining room

our front door opens to the middle level of the house

Ian's new art piece looks gorgeous on the white walls

the downstairs entertaining area has doors that open all the way up to see the pool 

the piano looks great in the new place

Ian' and I's new office

The bar and study

The study

the art and music studio flex space

Music and art room

Outdoor grill

Outdoor patio

Hot tub view


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