Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas 2012 in Texas

This year we were home in Texas for Christmas. Every other year we trade off between California and Texas for the holidays. It was a real treat because my brother, Adam and sister-in-law, Chandra, flew in from China. Our boys LOVE their cousins and they are all so close in age it is a blast to watch them grow together. 

Noah and Elijah are only one month apart in age and Tristan and Joaquin are about 6 months apart. It is a crazy boys crew at our place during the holidays.  

The photographer in my insisted that everyone get together to take family pictures before they headed home, so here are some of the photos from the ones I took.

All the cousins.

Tristan, Noah, Elijah and Joaquin

Cutie pies

My sweet Joaquin

Elijah and Aunt Chandra at the riverside

Noah and Tristan

And Elijah and Joaquin

Chandra and her sweet DiDi 
(that means little brother in Chinese, and it quickly became Tristan's nick-name)

Noah climbing a tree

All the boys making their way up the tree trunk

This was Christmas Eve, right before we all headed out to church service

Mimi and Papaw with all the grandkids in front of their tree

The kids were super excited to get their own booth when we all went out to eat.
Aunt Chandra was smart enough to bring action figures and toys for everyone since there was quite a lul between the time we ordered our food and the time in made it out to the tables.

The Hill family all got together a couple days after Christmas and we had a special family time.
This is a photo of me reading the "Sparkle Box" story. If you haven't read it, you should check it out. 
It is a wonderful Christmas tradition to remind kids of the reason for the season.

Mom holding up the family sparkle boxes

Bryce reading to Noah and Joaquin

Thanks Uncle Bobby and Aunt Marry for the cool batman beanie and mittens!

The family opening presents

The kids needed to get out of the house so we all headed out to the high school football stadium and track for a little fun. Here Adam is chasing after Noah. That kid is a born athlete! I mean, who has a six-pack at 4 years old? (Noah does!)

I love this shot of my little Joaquin, in that huge field, kicking the soccer ball around

My happy little boy

Tristan on the go. I should preface this by saying we did face painting earlier in the day and Tristan had remnants of the batman mask on his eyes.

Uncle Buddy and Elijah having some hang out time

Elijah's run

Adam and DiDi during Tristan's 100 yard dash.

Papaw had this idea to time all the boys at the 100 yard dash, separately, and every year do it again so they could see their growth. The boys had a blast!

Happy Elijah after his 100 yard dash

Motivating Joaquin during his 100 yard dash

Coming in to the finish line

The stadium

Noah's dash

Papaw was the timer... and the finish line

Way to go boys!

Aunt Kellye and Joaquin playing soccer

This was the start of the 'big kid' race. This is what happens when you have a family of competitive people who all used to run track...they end up racing.

Uncle Buddy, Adam, Dad and I were all set for the 100 yard dash of our own.

Pretty neck and neck at the beginning, although Buddy ducked out 

This was the finish line...
I was laughing (not howling) :)

The winner! 

hugs all around

Buddy and Adam

My bubs and I

Adam, Kellye, Dad and I

Elijah spent a while setting up the speaker and the ipod to get music going for everyone on the field

Noah in the stands

Tristan on the go

Big kid game of soccer with Dad, Kellye, Adam and Ian

Adam, Kellye and I

Mom and Chandra did yoga stretches on the field

more pics from the family photo session I took...

sweet brothers

DiDi and Guga (Chinese for little brother and big brother)

daddy and his sis

Two amazing people

MiMi and Papaw an the grandkids



sweet family

Adam and his little man

Adam, Chandra, Tristan and Noah

Noah, proud of the ripple he made from throwing rocks in the water

Watching the ripples


So much fun

The whole fan...thanks for taking this Kellye!

Dad and his boys - trying to get them to be serious

Amazing men

My daddy and me

What an amazing mentor he is!

Papaw and DiDi

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