Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip to the Beach

We took our summer trip to the beach this past weekend and the boys had a blast!  Uncle Bobby and Aunt Mary live in Corpus Christi - a few miles from Padre Island- so we drove down to see them.  They were amazing hosts and we were completely pampered and loved on!  The boys arrival started off with water guns and beach toys galore!  They knew we were in for a treat the moment we landed at the Hill residence!

 Saturday was a beautiful day and we woke up early to head down to the beach before it got too hot!  Texas beaches are so warm and the people are all so laid back.  You can still drive your cars on the beach so lots of people set up little tail-gate parties and just pack all their stuff in the back of a truck.  What a fun Texan way to hang out by the waves!

 The boys were anxious to jump in the water and had a blast trying to body surf and dig holes to put all their captured creatures into.

 Sarah and her boyfriend, Devon joined us at the beach and the boys had a blast playing with the "big kids"

 Joaquin loved digging up crabs and clams and showing me his treasures!

 I'm not sure if you can see it, but Uncle Bobby found a sweet baby crab and brought it over for the boys to hold.
 Kathryn took this photo of us in the water.  It is pretty difficult to get two crazy happy boys to sit still in the water long enough to get a family picture, but Kat did a great job!

 Daddy teaching the boys how to body surf the waves.

The boys building a sand castle / moat / big hole in the sand...

Kathryn, Sarah and Devon hanging out 
 Back and the house the boys found a shoebox full of Mardi Gras beads and they had hours and hours of fun with them.  Uncle Bobby was kind enough to get in on their bead games.

 Sunday afternoon we all headed to the Texas State Aquarium.  Here are Sarah, Mary, Bobby, Ian and the boys outside the entrance.  It was hard to keep the boys out of all the water activities long enough for a photo.
 The entrance to the aquarium is under a huge waterfall!  The boys loved it!  The aquarium houses all gulf coast marine life, so it was neat for the boys to learn about all the things that live in this area.

 Mary bought the boys little fish to feed the Sting Ray's in the feeding tank and that was a highlight of the trip for sure!
 We all had a blast!

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