Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's this year, except for the boys getting a little carried away with the candy! Joaquin and Elijah had Valentine parties at their little Mother's Day Out at the church and we sat down to make their Valentine cards the day before. Both Elijah and Joaquin had selected a special girl to give a "special" Valentine card to that said, "Thank you for being my special friend".

They we both very excited to head to school, give out their Valentine's and collect all their goodies. Of course, just like every holiday with candy, I always have an internal battle of whether or not to let them eat all the candy or not. However, they had already eaten sooooo much candy at school, they didn't even ask for it at home! I was shocked, but we put it up on top of the fridge and saved it for another day. Those two boys were bushed after all the partying at school!

However, that night, right after bath time, Joaquin began getting rid of all that candy! While having story time in bed with mommy and daddy, he threw up all of the day's goodies! We had to put him back in the bathtub and start over for night night time.

That was, until a few hours later he started crying upstairs after another throwing up episode in his bed! Whew! Candy is NOT ALWAYS FUN!

What was fun, however, was the boys getting a box full of Valentine gifts from Gamma and Gampa the next week! They both ripped open their gifts to find fun new books! Joaquin got a set of Elmo open door books, which he loves, and Elijah got a letter practicing book, which he dove right into! Here are a few pics of the boys with their new gifts.
This is daddy and Joaquin laying on the bed reading. Sorry that the view was from me standing on the bed.
Here is Elijah practicing his letters and filling in the activity book!

Thanks Gamma and Gampa!

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