Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in California...

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Ian, the boys and I flew to California for a week to be with all the Kirkland crew. While we were there we had lots of adventures! Gamma and Gampa took the boys to the Discovery museum and to Disney Land! They had their first experience with Krispy Kreme and In and Out, and were blown away with the load of presents under the tree on Christmas morning! They were absolutely spoiled since they were the only grand kids / nephews around. And of course, they had an absolute BLAST!

Here are some photos of those adventures: (beware, there are quite a few pics)

The massive Christmas morning opening of presents

We all chipped in and got Ian a gift certificate to get his pilots license!

The creators of the whole shindig... Gamma and Gampa

all the boys got matching army jackets

Joaquin played his t-ball set all day! Thanks Aunt Katie! He loves it!!

Gamma and Gampa brought t-shirts back from Italy for the boys!

all the girls in our matching Christmas jammy shirts

Tarzan Joaquin

Tarzan Elijah

the fam in Tarzan's tree house

Casey Jr. Train ride...of course we were all put in the Wild Animals cage :)

my little sharing boy

mommy and her pony

happy boy, Joaquin in line for the Merry-go-round

Daddy and Mommy getting Elijah set to go on his horse

teacup boys

Elijah hiding under my mad hatter hat

mad hatter hat attitude

lollypop men

Joaquin loved driving Gampa around

the boys had special mickey mouse hats with their names on them

Gamma and Elijah looking out the submarine window on the Nemo ride

Aunt Katie and Joaquin looking out the sub windows


can't go to Disney land and not get a big lollypop

Goofy's bounce house

Joaquin poking his head out of the pumpkin eye

silly Gampa

The boys with Pluto

Small World boats
mommy and Elijah on Small World
Joaquin loved pointing out all the recognizable decorations

Mommy and Elijah trying to get out of jail

Gampa and Elijah waiting in line for Small World

Gamma and Elijah in line for Nemo

almost time for santa...

finding dinosaur bones at the Discovery Museum

Elijah loved the space shuttle exhibit

Aunt Melanie and Joaquin, the boys loved to run around and wake everyone up in the morning

discovery wands telling us which bone to find

mommy and the boys trying to make the floating magnetic boats in the magnetism exhibit

Gampa, Gamma, Mommy, Elijah and Joa

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