Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Well, we finally made it over to the pumpkin patch! This weekend Ian and I took the boys over to the church pumpkin patch and the boys had a blast crawling on the mounds of pumpkins and choosing their favorite ones to take home.

Once we were home Ian and the boys carved out the pumpkin faces. Each of our little guys had their own mini-pumkin and Ian took on the family one. Here are a few picks from the evening.

Joaquin's mini-pumpkin choice

Elijah's mini-pumpkin choice

The boys loved the pumpkins with all the weird bumps!

This is my attempt at the posed pumpkin patch pic...

sitting on the big ones!

my precious boys...

they had so much fun on these mounds!

and, daddy's freaky pumpkin face...


  1. They're so adorable! I miss them so much! <3

  2. omg - love ian's face there at the end - classic!!! Love Joaquin's lil wavy hair - ahhh! they are growing up!!! great pics at the punkin patch Rach!!