Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy

I had a wonderful 32nd Birthday this year! My mother had spoken with Ian ahead of time and set up a spa day extravaganza. Ian watched the boys all day while mom and I relaxed at the Lake Austin Spa and Resort. It was perfect weather outside and after our facials and massages we spent most of our time in a hammock, under an oak tree, down on the lake. My mother and father were so generous to plan the whole thing out for me! Mom and I hung out all day in the steam room and sauna and meddled around in our spa robes. When I got home late that evening, Elijah said he had something to tell me. I got the video camera out (having a sneaking suspicion that Daddy had prepped him with something to say...)

As most of you know, every birthday I make a point to ask the birthday boy or girl what lesson they have learned that year or piece of wisdom that they can pass on from that year of life. This year, when Ian asked me what I wanted to pass on from the wisdom of the year, I didn't hesitate to answer. I said it was the lesson of being at peace with your spiritual evolution. It is so easy for me to get down on myself for not "growing" fast enough spiritually or not "doing more" than I am currently. I am pretty sure most people are plagued with this same guilt because no matter how much you "do" there is always a thought that you could still do more. And, in all honesty, you could; I could. But, that isn't the point, in my opinion. In my opinion, the point is to be present where you are. In my experience, and a lot this year in particular, I have been reminded that to simply listen to the Holy Spirit within you in EACH MOMENT is the most you can "do". It means you are living in perfect timing with God's spirit within you and if you are doing that, you are following God in everything. There is no need to "force open the gates of heaven". Just as all nature reflects, our spiritual budding and evolution, occurs in God's perfect timing for our lives. If we live in a continual dance with the kingdom within, we are assured to get where God wants us to go...


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