Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Elijah's Birthday present from Gamma and Gampa!

Today Elijah turned 3! I can't believe my little man has already been here for 3 full years! Elijah went to Mother's Day Out today at the church so I brought cupcakes in during their lunch in his honor. He was so happy to have the day dedicated to him! Then, when we arrived home after school he got to open his box from Gamma and Gampa! This was the cutest thing ever! I have never seen one of these giggle boxes! What a great idea! Here is a video of Elijah opening his birthday box! He has started expressing his feelings lately and of course the first thing he says after getting to open his box is, "that makes me happy!" :)


  1. What a doll he is! Happy 3rd Birthday, Elijah!

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