Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Christmas Show

Elijah and Joaquin had their annual Christmas show at church for the Parents Day Out program they attend. The kiddos were supposed to get dressed up in their "Christmas best" and perform their Christmas songs they had been practicing. Last year it was hilarious because Elijah wouldn't stand still long enough to stay on the stage. This year it was practically the same thing with Joaquin. Ian and I were switching back and forth between sides of the stage because Elijah's class was positioned on one side and Joaquin's was on the other. Those "performances" are crazy! Whew, it made me glad I was never a teacher for little kiddos. They were way too unorganized for me with kids and parents running all over the place. It seemed more like a designated photo op on a stage in their Christmas clothes than an actual program. Anyway, here are some cute pics from the "event".

Joaquin did ring his jingle bell bracelet for a couple minutes at the start of singing Jingle Bells.

Proud Daddy and his boys after the show. (Elijah attempting to say "cheese" for the camera)

Elijah singing (standing) on stage for the Jingle Bell song.

Kiddos from Elijah's class

He was NOT putting on a show for anyone.

Getting all dressed to go to church

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