Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We were so surprised to wake up to snow this morning! It has been falling for a few hours now and our evergreen tree looks like a flocked Christmas tree outside. It is beautiful! I realize this is nothing compared to the Dallas snow a couple weeks ago and nothing compared to pretty much anywhere north of here, but to us, this is major! :)

our backyard
evergreen tree on the side of the house

Elijah kept saying "wooooow" and of course ran to the front door to try and unlock it and run outside. Daddy surprised us and came home early from work because of all the ice on the roads. The boys were estatic! Of course, the first thing Elijah wanted to do was get dressed up and go outside with Daddy. Here is a little video and some pics from our day.

Daddy and Elijah playing in the snow

Elijah's first attempt at a snowball

Being frustrated that the snow was sticking to his shoes

more practice making snowballs

of course Joni joined in on the fun!

Anyway, we are enjoying our dose of winter! Thanks God for such a sweet little treat!


  1. how fun and beautiful was the snow?? waco got some too - ahhhh! Loved it!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! God had fun playing with us this past week!